Ecozoom Stove Bag

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The EcoZoom Stove Bag enables you to easily transport your stove anywhere you go, along with fuel supplies and firefighters. It keeps your stove protected from scratches and bumps and protects other surfaces from getting bumped too. Dense closed cell (sleeping mat) type foam forms the inner fill of the bag giving good shock resistance and the handles makes it even easier to carry the stove for you and your family.

Use the different compartment to dry-store anything you like - kindling, matches, firelighters - always be ready to light up your stove anyplace, anytime. Get more organised and keep everything in one place. This is a high quality and durable accessory - put your love in a bag with our Ecozoom Stove bag. Can be hung from a peg out of the way, or left in store ready to go anytime. 

Inc. postage to UK mainland addresses (but best to get one with your stove!)