Ecozoom - Power Ring

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For greater efficiency, insulate your pot.

The Power Ring increases the efficiency of your EcoZoom rocket stove. Simply fasten the stainless steel ring around the bottom of your straight sided pot or pan before setting it on top of your stove. The Power Ring forces the heat to be transferred from the combustion chamber of the stove to not only the bottom but also its sides of your cookware. When fastened to the sides of your pot or pan, the Power Ring increases the efficiency of your stove by up to 25% meaning you use less fuel while maximising heat transfer.

Reduces the cooling effect of wind when cooking in exposed locations.

The power ring is an important part of the rocket stove effect as it channels residual flue gas up the sides of your pot, which would otherwise disperse, increasing heat transfer from the fire and reducing heat loss from the pot. If efficiency is your goal then using a power ring gets the most from your fire. 

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The power ring is designed in accordance with studies carried out by Baldwin et al for the Aprovecho Research Center, Oregon which specify the width of the air gap spacers needed for max heat transfer between the power ring and pot.It is specifically designed for the power output of the EcoZoom range of cookstoves. For straight sided pots only.