EcoZoom Frying Pan

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Our EcoZoom fry pan is great for frying and generally reducing sauces etc on your Zoom stove. There are no frills or logos (which need cleaning) and the frying pan is intended for a lifetime of use. The metal is pre-seasoned and will easily tolerate the high fire temperatures generated from our rocket stove combustion. Cast iron pans with handles allow you to apply intense heat whilst maintaining control over the pan while in use/stirring etc. The handle will get hot so its always best to use a tea towel or similar to hold it. 

You can use the frying pan on any heat source to enhance the flavours in food. A decent, solid frying pan is an essential item for most cooking fans and combined with our wood/charcoal rocket stoves will provide you with the best food on the campsite (while your neighbours are struggling with lightweight gas hobs or fiddly petrol stoves/aluminium pans, you will be blowing them away with your wood smoked gourmet options).

Cast iron needs to be stored dry or it will rust, it will eventually season fully with use but it shouldn't be put in the dishwasher as this will remove the patina.

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